Maine Coon Kittens for Sale in California: Breeders List 2022

They’re also taken to a local convalescent home to help them grow accustomed to being around different people. Coons’Kin Cats spends a ton of time ensuring that their cats are capable of thriving in hectic environments. They’re raised in-home, around loud appliances and a variety of children and dogs. The breeder also takes the time to accustom them to things like going into carriers and having their claws trimmed. They sell cats as pets only, so don’t look to them if you want a cat to breed or show.

maine coon adoption california

Regardless of breed, their cats are raised in a kennel-free environment around dogs and all sorts of people. Most of their animals are European in origin, and they emphasize breeding some of the largest cats that you’ll find anywhere. Ttcats Cattery is a closed cattery, so all their animals are produced in-house, with no outside stud services allowed.

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