10 Best Pitbull Rescues in Florida! 2022

Milos Dog Rescue of South Florida, Inc. is a South Florida-based non-profit that rescues dogs of all breeds. Milos takes in a variety of dogs and cats from various backgrounds. Regardless of their backgrounds, animals receive a health examination as soon as they arrive at Milos.

After several years of operation, they have rescued over 300 dogs from overcrowded shelters and dogfighting rings. Pitbulls are the focus of its rescue because the breed’s prejudices make them less desirable and more vulnerable to abuse, neglect, and abandonment. Plenty of Pitbulls continues to advocate for Pitbulls through educational and outreach activities and by working to create a community that values the link that exists between dogs and their owners. Numerous stray pets reach rescues with upper respiratory infections, fleas, mites, and other signs of neglect. Consider how successfully the rescue team responds to these obstacles. Additionally, inquire about their spay/neuter policies and their methods for providing shelter, feeding, and veterinary care.

florida pitbull rescues

Its earnest purpose is to keep any animal from needing to be “rescued.” Many of the animals that get rescued arrive in less-than-ideal conditions. With this in mind, each rescued animal gets subjected to medical and screening procedures. Some people will stick to a single species, or even a breed, with which they are familiar and who understand their demands.

After that, they match each pet with a family that has completed a rigorous adoption application, including reference checks and a home visit from a rescue staff member. While the organization’s initial concentration was on working breeds, notably Belgian Malinois dogs, it became clear that Southwest Florida became overcrowded with all types of dogs. Dogs who have been abused or mistreated may develop trust issues and become aggressive, shy, or uncomfortable around people and other animals. Good thing even abused Pitbulls can become loving and devoted friends with rehabilitation and patience.

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