10 Best Rottweiler Rescues for Adoption 2022: Our Top 10 Picks!

Before being sent to foster and later adoptive families, rescued Rotties undergo checkups with a vet, get treated for diseases, are vaccinated, spayed, neutered, and microchipped. Though they are based in Florida, their rescued dogs have also been placed in homes in the nearby states of Alabama and Georgia. For special cases such as dogs with special needs and seniors, FLRRR allows adoption in other states. Like the previous organization in our list, R.E.A.L. Rottweiler Rescue is foster-based. The Rotties and dogs they take in stay in foster homes while they wait for an individual or family to officially adopt them.

This may be the most important factor because you need to be able to give your dog attention. The staffs of these groups are pet lovers themselves so they can tell if you are ready for your pet or not. Several factors have a say on whether your chosen Rottweiler rescue organization will approve your application. In terms of temperament-related issues, there are trainer volunteers who help in teaching Rotties how to behave, especially in a home setting. In most cases, dogs stay in temporary families first so groups can assess their behavior and train them. However, in some instances, when adopters can no longer care for the dog, RHR will welcome these pups back with open arms.

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